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Venture Out-An Outdoor Resource

The great outdoors: a place of adventure, wonder, and immense potential for Girl Scout fun! Girls have been exploring the outdoors with us for over a hundred years and thanks to the More Than S’mores research from the Girl Scout Research Institute, we know that Girl Scouts benefit immensely from their time outdoors. But what if you’re not an outdoors woman? Or you just want to do some advance trouble shooting before taking a group of girls on an outdoor adventure? We’ve got you  ...

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The Things Girl Scouts Say About Girl Scouts

As Girl Scout volunteers, alumnae, and staff we often get asked, and even ask ourselves, why Girl Scouts? What can girls get here they’re not getting somewhere else? While there are many awesome answers to that question (and some great studies by the Girl Scout Research Institute) the best answers come from the girls themselves. Here are a few comments from girls at recent Program Events and Highest Awards evaluations that illustrate why girls love and need Girl Scouts: “Mud,  ...

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Five Reasons to Go Beyond the Troop!

Discover a world of Girl Scouts beyond your troop by connecting with girls and adults outside of your regular troop activities. How do you go beyond? Attend a large event, either through a council-operated event or a Service Unit event. These fun activities are a great way to keep girls and adults connected to Girl Scouting and broaden their network. Events can help girls and adults connect with families, engage the community, gain new skills and build relationships with their sister Girl  ...

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6 Amazing Overnight Experiences!

Sleeping bags and giggling girls…there’s just something special about a troop overnight that you can’t get anywhere else. Maybe it’s bonding as you sneak by the adult during a 2 am snack run or the silly stories whispered among friends but whatever it is, it’s essential to Girl Scouts! And we’ve got some great suggestions to take your troop overnight to the next level. Sleep With the Fishes: Or as close as you can get with Sharks After Dark at Newport  ...

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