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Girl Scout Traditions: We Are Girl-Led!

Girl Scouts has been girl-led since its beginning, when our founder Juliette Gordon Low answered the question “what should girls do?” with a very simple “what do the girls want to do?” And we’re still following Juliette’s lead over a hundred years later! How? Here’s just a couple of ways girls are leading the way and choosing their adventures in Girl Scouts! Girls’ Choice Badges Our girls want outdoor experiences and badges! How do we know?  ...

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The key to success: GRIT!

What is grit and why is it so important to our (and our girls’) success? Grit is a combination of persistence and resilience that is not related to talent or IQ. People with grit can accomplish things that seem almost impossible. We all know them. The girl who refuses to give up on the high ropes course (despite her fear of heights) and finally (after multiple attempts and falls) conquers the course and her fear. The leader who sticks with her girls (through their hard middle school  ...

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Preparing to serve the Girl Scout Way!

Now that you’ve identified your community problem and its root cause through Community Mapping and investigation it’s time to brainstorm ways to help with that problem, find community members to collaborate, and put together a plan of action. This is step 2 of service learning and its the step where the girls’ innovation, creativity, and community contacts come into play. Discuss with the girls possible ideas for making an impact on your chosen community need. Remind them  ...

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Act Now for Next Year!

Now is the time to being planning for an experience of a lifetime for the girls in your group.  The reason for planning now is to inspire girls to re-register next year, start planning and budgeting in advance for big trips or projects and give plenty of time to execute the plan and achieve the girls’ goals.   Girls will love to brainstorm ideas for their future troop experiences.  Here’s an easy process to use with girls to get you going: Materials Needed: Large paper to  ...

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