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7 Ways to Help Bats This Earth Day

By Dr. Kristen Lear Photo by Jonathan Alonzo at Bat Conservation International Earth Day is a great time to celebrate the wildlife around us. Let’s celebrate an often-misunderstood animal: bats! Bats are the only flying mammal, and contrary to popular belief are not rodents. Bats are critical part of ecosystems around the world and also support our economies and everyday lives by controlling pest insects and protecting our agricultural crops, pollinating plants, and bringing us some of our  ...

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Taking Action through Art

And yet the dawn is oursbefore we knew it.Somehow we do it.Somehow we’ve weathered and witnesseda nation that isn’t broken,but simply unfinished.Amanda Gorman, “The Hill We Climb,” 2021 Standing up for what you believe in is the Girl Scout way. It’s important to say that first and foremost—since 1912, young women across this country have made their voices heard loud and clear through Girl Scouts. Take Action projects are a great way for girls in Girl Scouts to let  ...

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