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Girl Scout Myths: Debunked!

Girl Scouts is on a mission to empower girls everywhere to become leaders of courage, confidence, and character that make the world a better place. That’s not a myth, but there are some other things we’ve heard that are simply untrue, so we are here to debunk those myths! MYTH: Girl Scouts aren’t interested in getting outdoors. FACTS: GSWO has 6 camp properties that welcome girls through council programming, troop outings, and Service Unit events throughout the year. GSWO has a team  ...

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Badges, Activities, & Beyond, Ceremonies, Traditions, & Awards

Guest Editorial: Girl Scouts Give Back!

To help people at all times… Troop 20487 recites these words from the Girl Scout Promise before starting each meeting. We live in a small community were we all take care of each other. It is important to me as a troop leader to instill this value upon these girls. Our troop started 4 years ago, these 14 girls were just 5 years old. 5-year-olds understand what it means to help people, but it is a difficult challenge to put it in terms of relatability and meaning. Upon starting our  ...

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Volunteer Experience

Becoming a Girl Scout: Intern Edition

Girl Scouts is all about paving new ways, tackling goals and building up confidence through self-discovery. During my time interning here at Girl Scouts of Western Ohio, I have been able to learn all about the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, the feeling of tradition this organization brings to its members and overall who Girl Scouts really are. My passion for this organization has grown tremendously these past couple months. Prior to this experience I knew very little about this  ...

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More Than Cookies: Older Girl Scouts Share Their Girl Scout Experience

We recently met up with a group of high school girls from Beavercreek, Ohio who are coming together to have some fun, relax, and build their Girl Scout sisterhood. The group started after two fellow Girl Scouts were in class together and talked every day, but didn’t even realize they were both Girl Scouts. Once that correlation was made they realized that they are probably face to face with their fellow Girl Scout sisters every day without even knowing, and that needed to change! After all,  ...

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