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The Six Girls You’ll Meet In Every Troop!

This Thanksgiving we’re thankful for girls!

Be they confident or shy, contrary or cooperative, your girls are all wonderful and unique. They each bring something special to your troop and, most days, you wouldn’t trade them for another girl in the whole world.

With all of their differences, girls share some common roles in our troops that don’t make it onto the kaper chart but do add to the amazing crazy quilt of personalities that is a Girl Scout troop.

In celebration of that, here are the six girls you’ll meet in every Girl Scout troop. Any sound familiar?

The Contrarian

This girl will always zig when the others zag. She loves advocating for the opposing view point during any troop debate, vote, or discussion and counts her ability to march to the beat of her own drum as a badge of honor.

The Know-it-All

Is the troop learning a new skill or working on a badge? You can count on this girl to have already mastered that skill and be a total expert. Everyone please stand back and let her show you how it’s done!

The Dramatic One

She can cover the entire gamut of emotions (from excitement to despair) in the space of one meeting and ensures you never have a dull trip. Her natural ability to emote makes her a crowd favorite in any skit your girls plan.

The Girl Scout Master

She’s the girl who’s always appropriately attired in her vest/sash. She knows every Girl Scout song and game, and is on a first name basis with every returning counselor at camp. You’ve never checked but you secretly suspect she even bleeds Girl Scout green.

The Serious Competitor

This girl adores all forms of competition and has a major dislike for any activity where the troop is working together to accomplish a goal.  Those “everybody’s a winner” games are just not her cup of tea.

The Excited One

She sings every song at the top of her lungs, thinks every idea is worthy of an excited shout with a victory dance around the room, and declares every meeting/activity/trip “the BEST EVER!” Living life to the fullest is her motto and you just wish you had a tenth of her energy!

What do you think of our list? Do you recognize these girls? No matter where they fit in your troop or what role they play, your girls are one more reason to be thankful this Thanksgiving. Thanks to their quirky habits and amazing selves, Girl Scout volunteers can truly say we’re changing the world one girl at at time!