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5 Signs You Were a Girl Scout!

Growing up in Girl Scouts, we discovered a world full of fun experiences, made a whole bunch of new friends, built our confidence, and made our world a little better along the way. And those are just a few of the benefits! Our alumnae say Girl Scouting was positive and rewarding for them and they rate their Girl Scout experiences very highly. While no list could show the entire collection of activities and experiences we had earning badges, selling cookies, going on exciting trips, outdoor  ...

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7 Ways to Take Your S’mores to the Next Level on #NationalSmoresDay

Happy National S’mores Day! Today is a VERY important national holiday (who doesn’t love S’mores), but also a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Everyone knows about the classic, toasted deliciousness we call the S’more. But, did you know the first-known recorded version of a “S’mores” recipe can be found in an official Girl Scouts publication from 1927? The recipe is credited to Loretta Scott Crew, who reportedly made them by the campfire for Girl Scouts. At Girl Scouts, we take  ...

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You Might Be a Girl Scout Leader If:

You’ve turned in your finance report, early birded your troop for fall, and finally eaten that last box of thin mints in your freezer. Before the troop year starts all over again, take a minute to remember some of the experiences this year that happened because you said yes to being a leader. Those things that only another Girl Scout volunteer would understand. Here’s a few of our favorites that set our leaders apart to get you started. You might be a Girl Scout leader if:  ...

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Girl Scout Traditions: SWAPS

Is your group attending a large Girl Scout event this year? Make it even more fun and meaningful by creating SWAPS together. What is a SWAP you ask? The traditional definition is Special Whatchamacallits Affectionately Pinned Somewhere. SWAPS are a long standing Girl Scout tradition and while no one is really sure when they became part of our history, girls through the decades have enjoyed exchanging them when they meet new people. Here is a great video from Girl Scouts of Atlanta on SWAPS.  ...

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